The Drink Less Mind Sydney Seminar
Saturday 11th March 2017
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"Learn to Drink Less Alcohol"
The Drink Less Mind Sydney Seminar
Saturday 11th March 2017
Whats included in the Seminar

The power of mind and how it can hold you back from reducing your drinking

Learn what the neuro-scientists call ‘neuro-plasticity’ and how it can help you drink less 

The Amazing Inner Dialogue psychology Learn what ‘Drinking’ Personality you have 

The Future technique to train your mind how to continue to drink in a paced way 

Top Liver cleansing tips 

4 LIVE group hypnosis sessions with me 

The Drink Less Mind Online Seminar is included for free

It's a life changing program that 10,000's of people around the world are buying because it works!

Many people who find my site are searching for ‘How Do I Stop Drinking?’ or ‘How to give up alcohol.’ 

They feel they need help to stop drinking completely. 

My suggestion is try my 7 Days to Drink Less program first. You may feel you need to stop because you don’t trust yourself because of your history of drinking. 

However, I can assure you that you have incredible resources and these resources I can show you are there within you. This is why my program sells all over the world. Because it's the middle ground of drinking, where you learn to drink less in a confident way

You may worry that you can't be that person but 10,000's of people around the world have thought this way too. 

I know you have the tools even if you don't believe it at this point in time.
 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"The 7 Days To Drink Less program enabled me to reflect on the reasons for my long-term and often enjoyable relationship with drink.
Georgia Foster's methods are wholly achievable and positive, without moralizing or judging.  
Through suggestion and hypnosis she empowers leaving a sense of perspective, positivity and an ability to still enjoy a drink but with a more measured eye."
"This week I have managed 4 Alcohol Free Days.
I find it easier to say no to a drink. I am sleeping much better, am much calmer and feel more in control.
I am a pleaser who becomes assertive when I drink and I don't much like that assertive, argumentative self.
I no longer wake at night berating myself for drinking too much."
 "If you think that your habit of consuming alcohol is causing you trouble, let Georgia underpin the real reason - the way you relate to yourself and the world - your learned coping mechanisms.
These can all be transformed by Georgia's hypnotherapy sessions and restoring your belief in yourself but most of all getting to know the real you and what you need to be the best you, you know."
 Why You Need Trust You Can Drink Less:
The Journey
I've been in the business of helping people drink less for over 20 years. I know why people drink more than they want to and it is nothing to do with willpower. I've been featured in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Psychologies Magazine, Good Housekeeping as well as being one of Sky News Experts. The reason why people want to write about my special work, is because IT WORKS! 
The Science
I've worked with some amazing neuro scientists and the good news is, my special training is backed up by their theories. You may be frustrated with your inability to drink in a healthier way, but I can assure you that you have all the resources within you. The 7 Days To Drink Less program is about changing your emotional and habitual relationship with alcohol. Come and learn what the neuro scientists know works.
The Benefits
People report after completing the program that they are coping better, feeling better, more confident socially and emotionally. They feel they don't need that sneaky drink anymore and don't need that last extra glass at the end of the evening. A bonus is clearer mind, better
"I just wanted to control my intake. It was the best money I have ever spent." 
Dominic S (UK)
With Appearances On...
You may not know this, but I am an Aussie (Melbourne girl) and I get the whole drinking thing myself. I used to drink too much because I was socially shy and felt less than other people. After studying a powerful psychology theory and becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist I created a unique and highly successful results based programme, which Aussies have been buying for many years with great success.
Take Action! You Won't Regret It!
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