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Welcome to the official Georgia Foster website, home of the world renowned hypnotherapist, top selling author, international speaker and creator of life changing programs. Whether you want to learn how to drink less alcohol, improve your self esteem, calm your mind and your life, or find love plus more, Georgia can help you.

  • Are you worried about how much you drink but just can't seem to cut back?
  • Do you feel everybody else is better, more clever or more confident that you?
  • Do you feel anxious and fearful about life?
  • Does your negative thinking get in the way of you enjoying your life?
  • Do you keep making the same relationship mistakes and finding love seems impossible?

If you said yes to any of the above Georgia can help you!

Trial the first day of any of Georgia's programs for free and learn why her approach is so successful.

Georgia Foster's revolutionary hypnotherapy has changed tens of thousands of lives all over the world. Her easy to follow, amazing strategies are specifically designed to shift your thinking and replace old habits with powerful, positive, new ones.

Georgia's proven track record, overwhelming experience and regular media exposure has lead her to often be referred to as 'one of the world's best hypnotherapists'.


I have a selection of proven online programs, audio downloads and books available to help you change your life today.

Calm Confident You

The good news is that The Calm Confident You program has been backed...

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Believing In You

Myth 1: People assume that self-esteem is something we are born with. INCORRECT! Self-esteem...

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7 Days to Drink Less

The 7 Secrets of Alcohol Reduction Are you worried about your drinking? Tens of...

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