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Welcome to the official Georgia Foster website, home of the world renowned hypnotherapist, top selling author, international speaker and creator of life changing programs. Whether you want to learn how to drink less alcohol, improve your self esteem, calm your mind and your life, or find love plus more, I can help you. Many people who find my site are searching for ‘How Do I Stop Drinking?’ or ‘How to give up alcohol.’ They feel they need help to stop drinking completely. My suggestion is try my 7 Days to Drink Less program first. You may feel you need to stop because you don’t trust yourself but I can assure you that you have incredible resources and these resources I can show you are there within you.

4BC Listeners Offer

If you are worried about how much you drink or how much you drink take a look at our limited time listeners offer.

7 Days to Drink Less

If you are worried about how much you drink, then try the first day free. I believe ‘It is your thinking, not your drinking that is the problem!’ Learn to drink less now.

Drink Less Mind Online Seminar

The Drink Less Mind / 7 Days to Drink Less Seminar condensed into a 1.5 Hour Program with original Hypnotherapy Audio

Believing in You!

We are not born with self-esteem, we need to learn it. Irrespective of the past everybody, including you, can learn how to naturally feel more confident easily and effectively.

The 3 Minute Anxiety Fix

Anxiety, negative thinking and a fear about the future can restrict the life of a once happy go lucky person. Learn healthier, more logical coping strategies that liberates you from this crippling condition.

The Weight Less Mind

Tired of the diet mentality that stops you from intuitively eating and getting your life back? Lose weight by learning powerful emotional habits that will release the weight from your mind and body!

Stop Smoking

If you have tried to stop smoking without success this  will be great for you. Use this program along with other stop smoking aids to quit the habit once and for all.

Master Your Twenties Blueprint

This is the Twenties Something Lifebook you’ve been looking to read but never found till now

Cracking the Love Code

Train your brain for love. Using easy meditation to channel your thoughts allowing you to re-programme your thinking and learn how to attract a healthy relationship

The Fearless Musician

Learn the quickest and most effective methods of anxiety reduction with this new online hypnosis program, designed to help you achieve performance success.

The Fearless Speaker

Do you worry you don’t have the right background to be an amazing speaker? Perhaps you’ve seen other people who seem so natural at speaking. What if you are too?

Reduce alcohol and change drinking habits

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Alcohol abuse causes millions of people and their families around the world problems. When a person is reliant on alcohol and cannot find a way to learn how to stop drinking alcohol or how to reduce drinking alcohol, they find their lifestyle is reduced and are unable to make the choices they want to make.

If you are looking how to drink less alcohol,  then please visit my 7-day program here.

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