Anxiety is not a life sentence!

We’ve recently been interviewed on radio stations around the country about our
special approach to anxiety reduction and why hypnosis and breathing
techniques work so well together.

So in brief here is our answer:

We know when someone is anxious and full of negative thoughts, they shallow
breath. It’s a scientific fact… NOT our fact. The truth is that anxiety cannot be
present in the mind and body if someone is feeling safe and centered.

The combination of negative thinking and lack of quality in breathing is the duo
that needs to be addressed.

Without dealing with these issues, anxiety can restrict the quality of life. Sadly, it
also affects relationships with family and friends too. They mean well but… it’s
very hard for someone who doesn’t have anxiety to truly understand the depth
of it. This makes it very difficult for suffers to talk openly, as they often feel
misunderstood and tend to hide their true feelings for fear of it exacerbating.

Anxiety is not a life sentence, although it can feel like it for many people when it
becomes a habit.

There is a brilliant study to back up what many neuroscientists know as we do
too, that the deeper part of the mind can learn very quickly how to un-learn
anxiety and re-learn healthier logical coping strategies.

The study was (and still is) a review of psychotherapy literature by Dr Barrios, which was
originally featured in the The Psychotherapy Journal of the American Psychiatric
Association which showed some impressive findings indeed.

After surveying over 2000 journal articles, Dr. Alfred Barrios came up with the following
recovery rates:

Type of therapy                        Recovery rates                          Number of sessions
Hypnotherapy                                    93%                                                      6
Behavior therapy                               72%                                                     22
Psychoanalysis                                 38%                                                    600

THE GOOD NEWS is: Our program gives you the right hypnotic tools to reduce
anxiety in 25 minutes. PLUS: 6 x 3 minute key breathing techniques that work
instantly to bring your anxiety levels down.

Nobody needs to suffer with anxiety. Life can be so much better when you
work with the clever part of the mind. It does know how to tune out of
negativity. It just needs the right guidance and support.

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