New Zealand Drinkers and Anxiety in Children/Teenager Support

I recently spent 6 days in Auckland, New Zealand to explore how Kiwis think
and feel about drinking too much.

So, what I suspected is true… many New Zealanders, like Australians, the
British and the Americans do like their alcohol and sometimes a bit more than
they would like to consume.

As you know, my approach is not about abstaining but helping those who
know they have got themselves into a bit of drinking rut, to discover how to
drink less.

While I was there I was asked to hypnotise a local celebrity called Anika Moa,
who is an amazing singer, whilst on their evening current affairs programme.
Please see the interview here

I am going back to Auckland and Wellington to run my Drink Less Mind
seminars in August, so if you are in that part of the world and would like to
attend here are the details:

The Drink Less Mind Auckland – 18th August 2018

The Drink Less Mind Wellington – 19th August 2018

Children with Anxiety

I’ve been helping children all over the world with their anxiety issues, so I
thought it was time to develop an online version. I will be focusing on children
with emotional and social behaviour disorders (ESBD); however, it is open to
all children who are highly anxious and have self-esteem issues.

The program will range in ages from 3-16, so watch out for an email soon with
more details about how to sign up.

It is going to be a monthly membership plan rather than a one-off price, as I
will be constantly adding new content and updates on the latest in the field of
anxiety in children.

AND the good news is, there will be an entire section for parents/carers to help
them cope with the daily life moments that are uniquely thrown at them in

these family situations. If you resonate with this as a parent, rest assured I am
here to look after you just as much as your children.