Hypno News! New Seminar Dates, USA, AUS & NZ. TV Interview, New Products and Early Bird Discounts!

HYPNO NEWS: New Seminar Dates, USA, AUS & NZ. TV Interview, New Products and Early Bird Discounts!
I hope that you are having a fantastic January… just a few updates for you!
Exciting news! I am coming back to Auckland on Saturday 2nd February, so anybody that side of the world, if you want to learn in one day how to drink less alcohol then this day is for YOU! Early bird discount is still available if you ACT NOW! https://www.georgiafoster.com/the-drink-less-mind-seminar-auckland
Join me for the Drink Less Mind Seminar in Melbourne on Saturday 9th March. https://www.georgiafoster.com/the-drink-less-mind-seminar-melbourne
Join me for the Drink Less Mind Seminar in Sydney on Saturday 16th March. https://www.georgiafoster.com/the-drink-less-mind-seminar-sydney
I travelled to London twice last year to run seminars, which as you may know was my stomping ground for 22 years! It was great to be back there. I am planning the next round of London seminars later this year. So if you are interested keep watching for the early bird offer!
2018 saw the launch of the new and improved program The Weight Less Mind. For those who bought the original program, you got a free upgrade and as a reminder the 50% launch discount is still open but only until 31st January, so if you want to kick start your New Year resolution, do it NOW! https://www.georgiafoster.com/the-weight-less-mind-50-off
I am really excited that my first Drink Less Mind Seminars in the US will be held in New York, February 23rd and Los Angeles, March 2nd with early bird discounts. Whilst there, I will also be launching my Emotional Resilience Training with Virginia Alexandra (Transformational Specialist). For those who would like to discover how to become calmer and more confident in how to deal with general life and the twists and turns it gives us, then this day is for you. https://www.georgiafoster.com/ert-dlm-seminar
I was so lucky last year that I spent quite a bit of time in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand getting to know the Kiwi’s. They are wonderful people who love a drink or two! Here is the Anika Moa TV interview if you haven’t seen it. https://youtu.be/UT9aKWnkk0A
For those of you that have bought Dry January, I hope you enjoyed listening to it as a great support for an alcohol free month. For those of you that felt Dry January was not right time and you want to embrace a Dry February then the Dry February recording is here for you. ** Please note those currently subscribed to my Mind Maintenance program you will automatically be receiving this in your inbox as an extra bonus! ** https://www.georgiafoster.com/dry-february
Last year also saw the launch of my social media reduction program, The Swipe Less Mind. ** For those that are part of my mind maintenance program, I am adding this to your account free of charge too ** https://www.swipelessmind.com
Speaking of Mind Maintenance, which was officially launched last year, for those who missed out on the email, these monthly recordings help keep your mind in tip top condition. This subscription based program delivers fresh new recordings every month, so if you want to join now, simply click here to join the club! https://www.georgiafoster.com/mind-maintenance-order-form