30 Days Sober Before and After

30 Days Sober Before and After
30 Days Sober Before and After

A scary and sobering moment when you realize alcohol can kill your looks!

The truth is being sober for 30 days can be a real eye-opener for many.  

I often ask people to take two photos, one before 30 days of no alcohol and then after.

Being an alcohol reduction expert, I know only too well how going 30 days with no alcohol can be a great kick start to a blemish-free, chiseled, streamlined look not just facially but physically too.

It’s that puffy alcohol face before and after shot that can be the tell-tale sign that drinking is affecting not just your liver but your skin too.

A bloated face after a heavy night of drinking, which is often accompanied by redness, is because alcohol dehydrates the body. When this occurs, the vital organs try to hold onto as much water as possible, which creates a puffy look and it’s not just on the face; it’s everywhere!

Your skin is your biggest organ of the body, so think about the benefits of going 30 days sober and how you can kiss goodbye a red and inflamed face.

If vanity isn’t your thing and you are not that worried about your before and after sober look, think a little more about your future.

It’s the regular dehydration that starts to open your pores from drinking too much, plus the dry flaky skin that occurs.
Long term, this means you will age faster and your ‘real’ age may be a shock to some.

My top tip is to set aside a 30 day no booze commitment to see for yourself the before and after, then if you chose to drink, make a commitment to have 3-4 alcohol-free days a week to lessen the puffiness.

My 7 Days To Drink Less program can show you how to reduce your drinking, so you can enjoy your hydrated, youthful look every week and slow down the alcohol-related aging process!

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