Learn How to Drink Less Alcohol

The 7 Secrets of Alcohol Reduction To Help With Excessive Drinking and Alcohol Addiction

If you are looking for a results based programme that has been tried and tested so you can learn how to stop drinking alcohol so much, please read on.

Since 1994, I have been helping men and women who have struggled with their over-consumption of alcohol to learn how to drink less. They may have thought ‘I need to stop drinking alcohol completely’ or ‘maybe I have an alcohol addiction problem.’

For many people to stop drinking is a lot to ask and many feel they don’t want to stop drinking but equally just don’t know how to cut back. Due to the success of my 7 Days To Drink Less Alcohol I have been featured in media all around the world, including the UK, and Australia.

Get off the Unhelpful Drinking Treadmill NOW and start living!

How to stop drinking alcohol is a common question for many heavy and binge drinkers. But maybe you don’t have to? Maybe there is another way?

For people who are concerned that they maybe addicted to alcohol and can’t get off the unhelpful habitual drinking treadmill – it’s time move on!

If you use alcohol as a way to de-stress, to cope better, to relax, to sleep or run away from your life then this programme is for you!

Even if you think you can’t drink less, trust me you can!

Many people who find my site are searching for ‘Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Abuse‘, or How Do I Stop Drinking Alcohol?’ and ‘How to give up alcohol.’ They feel they need help to stop drinking completely. My suggestion is to try my 7 Days to Drink Less program first, where the first day is available as a free trial.

You may feel you need to stop because you don’t trust yourself because of your history of drinking. However, I can assure you that you have incredible resources and these resources I can show you are within you.

This is why my program sells all over the world. Because it’s the middle ground of drinking, where you learn to how to drink less alcohol in a confident way. You may worry that you can’t be that person, but tens of thousands of people around the world have thought this way too. I know you have the tools even if you don’t believe it right now.

Want to learn how to manage your alcohol rather than it manages you?

Perhaps you are that ‘all or nothing’ drinker or that the bell doesn’t ring to stop drinking at the right time. These are common concerns. I can help you find that bell to ring, and I can help you experience that middle ground of drinking where you drink from a much calmer, more logical space.

Imagine guilt free drinking? Yes, you can!

7 Days To Drink Less is the pathway to learning how to drinking less more easily and confidently in the privacy of your time and space, without anybody knowing.

Take a free trial on my how to stop drinking alcohol so much program and see how powerful it is.

Please read more below and see what help you receive and how it can have a positive impact on your life in such incredible ways.

What you will achieve on The 7 Days to Drink Less Alcohol Reduction Program

• You will understand why you have got yourself in a drinking rut and how to change it, irrespective of your drinking past.

• Learn a powerful psychology that will enable you to move out of unhelpful thinking about drinking!

• Learn healthier coping strategies that reflect the ‘real’ you rather than who your drinking habits have made you become.

• Stop the guilt ridden drinking, so you can start to enjoy what you drink without the fear of blackouts, embarrassing moments and memory loss.

• Stop the ‘sneaky’ drinking and quick one before you go out that calms your nerves.

• Improve general sober self-esteem and healthier coping strategies so you don’t need to drink to feel better, calmer or more confident.

• Forgets the standard glass/units measurement. It’s not based on truth. The aim is to reduce your regular habitual drinking to half of what it is at the moment in just 7 days!

7 Days of Incredible Content

Day 1

Learn the power of your amazing mind and how flexible it really is when it comes to making healthy changes. The secret is, you need to utilise a part of your brain in a different way that at present is stopping you from drinking less alcohol. This day includes your first self hypnosis recording to train your brain to think differently about alcohol. The good new is it starts straight away.

Day 2

Learn the powerful Inner Dialogue Psychology theory that will expand your understanding of why you drink more than you truly want to. This theory will show you how to move out of the unhelpful drinking habits and cause you to feel unsafe, vulnerable and not trusting in your ability to drink less. This theory is a true light bulb moment! Included is you Inner Dialogue hypnosis recording.

Day 3

Tap into sober creativity, where you can learn how to be a more confident person without needing a glass in your hand. become naturally more intuitive to your own life, so you can become more trusting in your sober thinking. Learn how to set realistic goals that are achievable, rather than make you feel helpless and want to drink more. Includes 3rd hypnosis recording, that teaches you how to create healthier responses to life without a glass of alcohol in your hand.

Day 4

Do you have regular Alcohol Free Days? No pressure from me if you do or don’t, however, this day will give you some powerful tools to start to have more of them. I call them AFD’s. They are easier than you think! I give guidance to clearly constructed ideas and solutions for those with sober sleep issues and those who worry about if they can manage AFD’s easily or not. Create that emotional antennae that helps you to attract positive people and situations into your life. Includes an amazing Alcohol Free Day hypnosis recording.

Day 5

How to handle drinking blips, difficult situations and why trying not to be perfect, with your drinking can save the day! Liver top tips, that are easy to implement, so that you can love your  liver and still drink alcohol. I’ll tell you the truth behind the alcohol measurements the government keeps telling us about too! Please note: There is no hypnosis recording on this day.

Day 6

The Mind’s Eye technique. Learn what the next sport people in the world know (they use this formula to be the best at their game and you can apply it to your future drinking life). It’s not complicated, in fact you are doing it everyday but probably not to your advantage. I’ll teach you how to trust in your drinking future. Includes The Mind’s Eye hypnosis recording.

Day 7

The Domino Effect of this program in other areas of your life. When you drink less, you feel more confident. This day is about how to continue building positive references with healthy habit you don’t need to question – just enjoy. Learn the second part of The Inner Dialogue theory. There is no hypnosis recording today.

Sign up now and learn how to drink less

The good news is, signing up now for your first day for free means no commitment but a powerful beginning to understanding why you drink more than you truly want to and how you can change this. Even better news is Day 1 will demonstrate how you can naturally and effortlessly reduce your drinking in just 7 days!

I guarantee you 100% money back guarantee that within 60 days of your purchase, if you are not happy with the results I will without any questions, refund you. I really believe in my work but if it isn’t right for you that is absolutely fine. No risk, so just go for it!

60 day money back guarantee!

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