A Lapse is not a Collapse

The truth is, we all have drinking blip moments.  It’s called LIFE… and sometimes it throws curve balls we weren’t expecting that may create an over-drinking situation, which I call a lapse. I can assure you it is not a collapse!

I am not expecting you to be perfect with your drinking all of the time and nor should YOU.

This recording is about understanding that lapses do happen and that they shouldn’t infect your self esteem or trust in your ability to drink most of the time in healthy ways.  One unhelpful drinking moment should not transfer into your healthy drinking future.

There is a whole section in the recording about your future drinking with more confidence. Let’s face it, the Inner Critic loves lapse moments and can be extremely vocal about it. The Inner Critic does not know your drinking future, so when it predicts in the morning after a lapse with statements such as ‘You’ve blown it now….’ or ‘You’ve just ruined all your good drinking moments’ this is just your Inner Critic and not the truth.  It doesn’t mean you have gone back to old drinking ways at all… It just means you had a blip moment and it’s time to move on.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for your drink less mind to know life is about being prepared for the challenges and know that sometimes when there is evidence of drinking too much, it is okay. IT’S ABSOLUTLEY NORMAL.  You haven’t blown it… it just is what it is.  Let me repeat IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON FROM THIS UNSUPPORTIVE THINKING THAT HINDERS YOUR SUCCESS!

Let me remind you.. A Lapse is NOT a Collapse.

There is a 25 minute recording, as well as a mini 5 minute BOOSTER recording too for those moments when you know you don’t have time to listen to the full recording.  It’s a quick pick me up and dust yourself off and MOVE ON time.