A Must Read For Mums That Enjoy A Drink

I seem to be spending a lot more time recently writing blogs for parenting websites, and in particular mum’s bloggers, about how to drink less!

Many years ago when I wanted to publish my Drink Less Mind book, every publishing house in the country rejected me. I was told I was crazy to even think about a book that would talk about reduction rather than abstaining.

So, with my heart and my head telling me to self publish, I found a typesetter, a printer and away I went feeling extremely nervous and fearful about my decision. I asked myself many times, as I wrote that book, whether I was taking myself on a professional journey of failure, but I stuck to my guns. And thank goodness I did for it was not long after the ink was dry that I had some journalists who really resonated with my work and the books were literally flying off the shelf!

I started to become a ‘secret club for mums’ who had swapped my book at their book club or secretly talked about the results they were getting when friends noticed they were drinking less.

When I think back to those very early days, I smile to myself and feel incredibly grateful, for it was many of my clients who are parents, who ultimately helped fund my book, and I can’t thank them enough. Parents all around the world sign up for the Drink Less Mind online program and I receive an incredible amount of testimonials from this target audience. Mums and dads who run a very busy household, work full time, part time and all of the in-between.

I knew then that there was mileage in my approach and like I do know that most habitual, unhelpful drinking is consumed in the home. One of my clients called it her ‘dirty little secret’ because all of her friends thought she was practically teetotal, and this was true socially. However, once home and the kids were tucked up in bed it was a different story. She could easily drink one or two bottles a night.

I am, as you may know, not here to judge at all about drinking but what I do know is that ‘dirty little secret’ is not dirty for one and secondly, shouldn’t be a secret either.

Secret or sneaky drinking is driven by unhelpful emotions that make people feel vulnerable, whether a mum, dad or singleton. Unbeknown to many of us, it’s the vulnerabilities that drive us to drink, which then create the vicious cycle of heavy drinking.

I know myself, when I became a mother of triplet boys, even though I have always enjoyed my wine, I was sitting in the seat of my parenting clients saying to myself ‘I could be one of my clients right now!’

Thank goodness I know the signs of how to stop the unhelpful cycle of drinking too much.

So, for all those parents out there who are thinking about that drink or two or three tonight, remember there is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol. However, we need to remind ourselves of why we are drinking and if it is taking you down a slippery slope of reliance on the booze then The Drink Less Mind is there for you.

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