About Georgia Foster

This is my journey...

Chapter 1: My Background

I have been working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1995. 

I qualified with distinction at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and went on to lecture for two years. During this time I built up a busy practice and started running my own programs.

I'd previously spent some time in California training to be a Voice Dialogue therapist. This psychology training is an integral part of my success, combined with my hypnosis techniques.

I am from Melbourne, Australia. I lived in London for 23 years before moving back to Melbourne in 2017.

I used to be overweight and a very heavy, regular drinker who used food and alcohol as a way to escape my insecurities. Alcohol was my confidence crutch and I used it regularly to feel more comfortable around other people. I must tell you that I still do drink alcohol, have the odd hangover and eat chocolate. 
Another thing that I like to share is that I was eternally single for many years (apart from the odd boyfriend) and at the age of 43 I met the love of my life. After being told that I would never be able to have children, due to a medical condition, I am now the proud mother of triplet boys who were born in February 2013. 

Chapter 2: My Hypnotherapy

I am passionate about are helping people see their true potential. 

I successfully re-trained my mind and body to feel better about myself through the power of my own self-hypnosis techniques, which I now share with others.
My approach is about having fun and recognising that I don’t need to run away from low self worth anymore. This has been a fundamental shift in my state of mind and life.
My special approach is progressive rather than regressive. In other words, I believe that it is important to understand a little bit of history but, more importantly, to train the mind to move on. All my programmes help people to do this.
Part of the major issues is that people get ‘stuck’ in unhelpful, habitual thinking that is related to the past. I believe it is important to acknowledge history but appreciate that it can hold people back from enjoying being in the present and trusting in the future.
I am very passionate about my work and feel very strongly that everybody has the ability and resources to improve their emotional wellbeing. They just need to learn how!
I have had the privilege of being featured in some of the most well read newspapers and magazines such as The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Good Housekeeping and Psychologies Magazine just to name a few. I am regularly featured on Sky News and The Morning Show Australia.

Chapter 3: My Testimonials

Over the years, I have had the privilege of being written about in some well known and respected newspapers and magazines as well as being interviewed regularly on news television in the UK and Australia.

Whilst this is a great way to spread the message about my hypnotherapy programs I want to share with you a few of the many personal testimonials I receive every day from real people just like you!

By John Clare

Author, Journalist & Consultant

It’s no exaggeration to say that the 7 days to drink less program changed my life. For years I’d been drinking too much. I wasn’t an alcoholic and the drinking never interfered with my work, but I drank every day. In 20 years I don’t think there was a day that I didn’t have a drink. Usually more than one as I was a typical ‘A glass is too much, a bottle’s not enough’ kind of drinker.

I decided to do something about it, after a summer holiday where I was drunk everyday, spurred on by to many Happy Hours. I wanted to cut down on drinking, not give up completely. I didn’t know whether this was possible. I found the 7 days to drink less program. When I got to the section which introduced the concept of a 'Alcohol Free Day' I took a step back, thinking, ‘A whole day without a drink? This isn’t for me’. I persevered and within a week I’d had two Alcohol Free Days. When I got to 10 Alcohol Free Days in a 14 day period I stopped counting. This in someone who hadn’t gone a day without a drink in 20 years! The program was just astonishing.
I moved on to testing myself in situations where I would normally drink, including long haul flights, industry drinks receptions and end of the week wind-downs. I even went to Old Trafford football ground to watch my beloved Manchester United, hammered 6 - 1, by Manchester City… and didn’t have a drink!
During this time my marriage broke up. I got through it all without a drink.It was important for me to break the link and re-invent my relationship with alcohol. I’ve done that now, and I can have a drink when I want to, and leave it alone when I don’t. I can have one glass or two, then stop. This week I’ve had three Alcohol Free Days but I don’t count them anymore. I estimate I’ve reduced my alcohol consumption by about 80%.
I feel fitter and many people have told me I look great. I’ve lost two inches on my waist, just through drinking less. I feel sharper in the mornings. I was always very energetic but I now have even more energy. Despite my marriage break up, life is great… a remarkable testament to the 7 days to drink less program.

By Peter

attended The Drink Less Mind Seminar

Hey! I still love a beer but instead of drinking 10 to 12 stubbies a night I might have 2 to 4 & sometimes none. I feel so much better now thanks to your seminar. Your help was what I needed, I previously tried a hypnotherapy course related to stop drinking altogether & it just made me miserable. I did last 2 weeks then I was back to drinking & I was back to drinking more. But I was unhappy.

Yes, I was reluctant to sign up, I pondered over it for quite a while and quite a few beers followed by hangovers. I mean who is this Georgia Foster? I was concerned about being embarrassed at being there, will I see someone I know, will I be the only one there, will there be a line of supermarket trolleys at the door with homeless people sitting inside, people drinking from brown paper bags during the seminar, do I have to divulge my life story & state “ Hi, I’m Peter & I’m an alcoholic.....!!!
Noooooooo!!!! I can’t do this.
But, I was curious & had no one else to help, so I signed up. Well thanks to my over the top imagination none of the above happened!
The guests were everyday ordinary people from all walks of life who just like me were looking to change a bad habit. No one asked who I was, where I came from, what my job was & most importantly why did I drink (that’s private). Georgia was engaging, humorous & made all who attended feel very relaxed & comfortable.
To Georgia’s credit no one left & everyone came back after lunch so that has to say something.
Now the seminar was easy, Georgia explained why we & how we can change this habit. You kind of think she is just pointing out the obvious, stuff you know but, until you are in a room of adult people who are all nodding & chuckling in agreement do you truly realise the obvious. During the seminar Georgia relates to stories of her life & others that she has helped to overcome heavy drinking. The best part of course is the hypnosis (seems silly but do take a comfy pillow & blanket even if you fell uncomfortable doing so). Georgia explains the process of hypnosis in simple step by step instructions using stories, graphs, explaining sleep patterns & how our mind works. The hypnosis tapes Georgia provides for you after the seminar are great, very relaxing (who ever plays the piano in the background deserves an award).
Now I am not going to say that this worked for everyone as I have not met or bumped into any of the other people who were there but I know it worked for me & I am a skeptic. However if it does not I do believe Georgia will go out of her way to help you overcome your drinking issue.

By John Knap

attended The Drink Less Mind Seminar and used both 7 Days to Drink Less and the Weight Less Mind Online Programs

So 2 months on the improvement was immediate I have had many alcohol free days and I can't finish one bottle of wine now at one sitting I leave about one glass left, so in one week I drink three nights a week and less than one bottle and no binges at all, so that's over 50% reduction!

Am thinking I am happy with that as just having one glass with dinner is not going to cut it for me, I love my wine but not the big quantities like before, I still stick to cheap wine as one reason I am on a budget and if the wine tastes to good it's to moreish as I mentioned years back a complete abstinence from alcohol using antabuse medication was a disaster for me probably because I wasn't getting to the cause of my excessive drinking and a few mental health issues plus a sudden drop to zero alcohol to much for me to handle.
I find to have success with alcohol free days my secret is not do to much stuff that overwhelms me and evenings have been spent doing jigsaw puzzles and sipping on soy milk seems to reduce cravings, so yes doing something completely different and changing my daily routine entirely works for me.
I also have been doing your weight less online program as often I binge eat even on healthy foods e.g. a whole packet of dates or unsalted nuts, particularly on alcohol free days.
Feel free to use my testimony if you wish and I am so happy the seminar and online program worked for me as nothing else worked for me in the past. I had tried almost everything to cut down!

Chapter 4: My Programs

When you decide to go ahead and purchase one of my programs you'll  receive an email with login details with immediate access to my secure online membership site where you will be able to read, audio stream and download your purchase to your preferred device. This is a one time payment for lifetime access.
I'm so confident that you will be pleased with the effectiveness of my programs your purchase I offer my customers a 100% 60 Days Money Back Guarantee! No Questions asked...

Chapter 5: Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

The great update about hypnosis since I first started, is that now the scientists have done their homework and the good news is that this type of therapy is now known to be one of the most effective ways to create emotional change.

Hypnosis is often coined as “Neuroplasticity”. This buzzword was derived by Neuro Scientists looking at the brain during hypnosis. At first, they were surprised to learn that someone who was anxious about a certain subject could change their emotions so quickly from fear to calm.

However, now they understand that a person being exposed repeatedly to positive, accompanying thoughts and feelings, whilst thinking about a fear, actually desensitised them to the original anxiety.
Hypnosis has been defined as a window of time where the person is half way between being awake and asleep. Anybody who says they cannot be hypnotised must be very tired! This is because you need to go through the hypnotic state to get to the sleep state. This is good news for those who are sceptical about hypnosis. At least twice a day, when you go to sleep and when you awake, you pass through the alpha/theta state known as hypnosis.
During hypnosis you are in a heightened state of awareness and focus and the suggestions that I make to you are all delivered to train your brain to move on from negative habits, thoughts and feelings.
The word “hypnosis” is often incorrectly associated with losing control, or that you won’t be in control of your thoughts or actions. In fact, the opposite is true. During the hypnotic state you are more intuitive than you are in the conscious state. It is a heightened state of mind where you are able to learn at a much faster rate.
Understanding what you would like to change is important consciously; however, in order to make deeper, more profound changes hypnosis is, to my knowledge, the fastest and most effective way of improving habits, thoughts and feelings.
People who have been hypnotised describe the experience as being very relaxing and rejuvenating, emotionally and physically. More importantly, they report back that they have a rosier outlook on life too, irrespective of what they come to see me about.

Chapter 6: My Support & My Team

I want to provide much needed support to my customers quickly when their needs arise. For this to work I also have a supportive team who are always happy to answer any questions.

You can contact support by emailing support@georgiafoster.com 
We'll endeavour to respond to you as quickly as possible.

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