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Proof you DON’T need to give up booze to live longer

Proof you DON’T need to give up booze to live longer: Fascinating experiment on a group who admit to drinking most days (but not to excess) finds reducing their alcohol intake had surprisingly little impact on their health TMOS recruited volunteers to find out if giving up alcohol improves health    New government-guidelines suggest a person […]

My Powerful Self-Esteem Program Believing in You

Believing In YOU! is a powerful, program full of brilliant tools consciously and unconsciously to build true self esteem from within.   I believe self esteem is something we are not born with but rather something we need to learn.   Having true confidence is about being intuitive, calm and confident rather than self questioning […]

Ruff Christmas? Ate too much!

If you or a family member struggles with yo-yo dieting or food issues, then The Weight Less Mind is the PERFECT SOLUTION I receive a lot of emails from inquisitive men and women about my unique approach to discovering how to eat intuitively. They are tired of having a relationship with food that causes them […]

7 top tips to avoid hangovers this Christmas!

Avoid unconscious drinking. This is what people tend to do when cooking for example or responding to emails at night etc. Try and sit down and really savour the taste of what you are drinking and therefore enjoy it rather than forget it is there and be surprised that the whole glass or bottle is […]

Hypno News November 2018

From time to time I would like to share with you some information that I think is important, along with any updates and news that is inspiring and supportive. Just to let you know when you see an email in your inbox from me titled Hypno News, this is where I will discuss topics, top […]