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5 Things You Learn When You Quit Alcohol

YOU CAN STILL HAVE NIGHTS OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS No-one enjoyed a big night out as much as I did, especially in my twenties. A few drinks at a friend’s house before heading to our favourite pubs and clubs easily outweighed the cost you had to pay with the following day’s hangover. But by the […]

Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking Antibiotics

Drinking Alcohol While Taking Antibiotics What Is The Real Story   When people go to the Doctor and receive Antibiotics one of the most popular questions they ask themselves is, can I drink alcohol with Antibiotics? So, after being asked this many times, I decided to write a blog post and help people understand why […]

Holiday And Guilt Free Drinking

You can tell we have officially started the summer holidays here in the UK, as the streets are so much quieter in the suburbs of London; however, Central London is absolutely heaving with tourists! During this time I see a lot of clients who fly in from all over the world for many different reasons, […]

Need a more fertile mind to get pregnant?

Thinking Fertile Mind When women are trying to get pregnant, there is a mountain of information on what to eat, how to eat and what supplements to take to prepare the body for pregnancy, but what about support for the mind? Women all around the world, who are trying to conceive, know exactly what to […]

How much are you spending on Booze?

Have a Drinking Problem? Women who cut down on their alcohol intake by two glasses of wine a week could save that money and pay for a holiday for two says Georgia Foster, an Alcohol Reduction Expert. The expert who helps people to cut down on their drinking with her 7 Days To Drink Less […]

Anxiety & The Booze!

Get Back On Top of Your Life! Knock Alcohol and Anxiety I had an American client some years ago, who came to see me about her drinking.  She was and still is a very high profile board member of an international corporation.  As she spent a lot of time in London, she said she had […]

Inspiring Others To Drink Less

How To Inspire Others To Drink Less and Cut Down Drinking I’ve just spent over an hour being interviewed for a story about my history of drinking along with my love life and fertility issues. Some of you may know that I started drinking heavily when I was 19. At the time I was dating […]