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Exposing The Myths Around Alcohol Measurements

I took the opportunity to speak my mind about the myths around alcohol measurements As you know, being an Australian who has travelled the world and settled in London, England, I have a great understanding of the subtle (and sometimes obvious) differences & similarities in cultures and people. So when I was recently interviewed by […]

Young People, Self Esteem Issues and Links To Alcohol

Teenage Drinking Teaching young people to have true self confidence can help them deal with bullying, sexual harassment, gender issues, social anxieties as well as being assertive and having a voice when necessary. Over the years I have had the privilege of helping teenagers with self esteem issues. I always say and will say again […]

Top Tips To Cut Back On Alcohol In The Evening

I enjoy nothing better than a glass of Sancerre when my partner gets home from work around 7pm and the nights we have a night nanny are the nights I can relax and have some more if I feel like it. My exciting situation at the moment got me thinking about parents and people that […]

Let’s Talk About Anxiety

Anxiety is a curse for many people and can become a way of thinking and life but it shouldn’t be Wow what a challenging subject anxiety is for so many people. I had an American client some years ago, who came to see me about her drinking.  She was and still is a very high […]

Motivation – Winter or Summer

Have a look at the week ahead and slice it up into days/nights so you can see for yourself what windows of time you have to decide on an alcohol free day. We’ve had a couple of very snowy days here in London. People are not venturing out and I don’t blame them. It seems […]

A Must Read For Mums That Enjoy A Drink

I seem to be spending a lot more time recently writing blogs for parenting websites, and in particular mum’s bloggers, about how to drink less! Many years ago when I wanted to publish my Drink Less Mind book, every publishing house in the country rejected me. I was told I was crazy to even think […]

Tabloid Newspapers Scaremongering about the Booze

I am constantly frustrated with tabloid newspapers’ frenzied attacks on the latest ‘so called’ stats, in particular about middle class women drinkers. Last week typically The Daily Mail called me desperate to find a case study for their article about the latest statistics about women trying to keep up with men in the booze department. […]

The Effects Of Alcohol Has On Our Lives

We look at the effects of alcohol and the changes it makes to our lives

Cutting back on alcohol can help you achieve more out of your life

Each year millions of people in the UK, the USA, and around the world say they are going to cut down on their alcohol drinking, but how many really achieve their mission?

A lot of people ask themselves how can I stop drinking alcohol or, at least, how can I drink less alcohol and the reason for that is the effects alcohol has on their life. One of the main reasons why people want to cut down on alcohol drinking is to become more organized, to feel healthier, to lose weight, and to feel better about themselves instead of waking up in the morning recovering from the night before.