For those who decided to commit to an alcohol free month or those who just want a bit of a boost in November before the silly season is upon us, I am offering a new fresh recording just for this next month!


In my 24 years of helping people to drink less, I know abstaining for a month is a brilliant idea. There is absolutely nothing bad about it. Clearer head, healthier body, often weight loss and a sense of achievement. However, the Inner Critic can rear its ugly head and stir unnecessary and untrue conversations such as ‘Can you trust yourself to pace your drinking in November?’ ‘Will you drink too much and feel like you have lost your way?’ “Does October now just seems a wasted exercise now?’ ‘Be careful, if you have one blow out…. .’

I get so tired of hearing the Inner Critic’s comments when someone has been so good with their alcohol free days/weeks/months, only to dampen any spirits when they think about drinking again. It’s such a waste of thinking time!!!! 
As I say so often, the Inner Critic does not have a crystal ball, so be rest assured it cannot predict your drinking future this November or any month of the year.

So this November recording is about using this month as an opportunity to trust in your ability to pace your drinking irrespective of past drinking days and ways. To curb the Inner Critic’s predictions and replace with a calm and confidence.

See this recording as a self esteem and stress management tool so you can trust in your drinking and enjoy what you drink guilt free and get ready for December with gusto!

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