My Powerful Self-Esteem Program Believing in You

Believing In YOU! is a powerful, program full of brilliant tools consciously and unconsciously to build true self esteem from within.
I believe self esteem is something we are not born with but rather something we need to learn.
Having true confidence is about being intuitive, calm and confident rather than self questioning all the time. When this occurs, life flows better, even through challenging times.
Irrespective of your past you have an amazing ability to improve self worth – it just takes practice. Believing In YOU! is a unique program that encompasses tried and tested psychology and hypnosis combined with science to help you shift your thinking from self doubt to a true sense of self, irrespective of where you have been or what is going on in your life
Are you frustrated and angry that you keep procrastinating?
Do you avoid certain situations because you think others are better than you?
Do you feel that life just isn’t as much fun as you would like it to be?
Do you feel life is passing you?
Do you attract bullies or negative people?
Do you put others before you too much?
Do you think everyone else is more clever, attractive and intelligent than you?
Do you want to know how to become more Charismatic?
Do you want to know how to feel good about you and your life?
Do you want to feel a sense of belonging to this world more?
Do you want to enjoy life more?
If you answered yes to any of the above your self esteem needs some work!
The good news is that you have all of the resources within to improve your self esteem, however you need to learn how to do this. Believing In YOU! is a brilliant, life changing day that will enhance your life in all amazing ways.
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Let’s Talk About Anxiety

Anxiety is a curse for many people and can become a way of thinking and life but it shouldn’t be

Wow what a challenging subject anxiety is for so many people.

I had an American client some years ago, who came to see me about her drinking.  She was and still is a very high profile board member of an international corporation.  As she spent a lot of time in London, she said she had become accustomed to the British drinking culture and felt concerned that her one bottle of wine a night was starting to creep up to open up the second bottle and drinking half of that too.

Her life in New York was pretty similar, where her ‘Sex in the City’ lifestyle was, she felt, starting to catch up with her.  So by the time she came to see me she was in a very negative state.

Whenever she was in London she would book an appointment.  On her last appointment she told me how she was really enjoying having alcohol free days more often.  She said her self esteem had dramatically improved, however the one thing that she recognised is that she drank because she was anxious.

As I have always said drinking can mask anxiety until you wake in the morning and it can come back to bite you!

However, as my client had successfully reduced her drinking, this got her thinking that she wanted to work on what drove the anxiety.

There was something she said that has ‘forever resonated with me which I would like to share with you’.

She said that in Britain we have a pub on every corner, in America we have a pharmacy on ever corner! She then went on to say that most of her friends were not big drinkers but most of them were on some sort of anti-depressant to alleviate anxiety and general low self worth.

So my point is that we are all susceptible to anxiety and how we deal with it culturally can be different but I can assure you that alcohol and medication are both great ways to escape fears and self doubts about life.

Some would suggest medication is socially more acceptable because it is easier to mask but I think that what is key to anxiety is understanding the thinking behind it before it takes hold and becomes a habit.

As I always say it’s the thinking that drives people to do things in a repetitive way such as medication, alcohol, sleep and often just good old depression.

The problem is we i.e. Americans, British, Australians, people from all over the world suffer from challenging thoughts and we must start to communicate these fears before addictive behaviour takes hold.

We need to hold our heads high and acknowledge that life can be an absolute nightmare sometimes but if we share our negative thinking and fears it really does help.

Anxiety is a curse for many people and can become a way of thinking and life but it shouldn’t be.

So for any of you who feel anxiety has become a bit of an issue please check my 3 Minute Anxiety Fix program