HYPNO NEWS: Science versus Willpower, Webinars, Seminars and Women finding Love!

Whether you are familiar with my work or not, I would like to share with you one very common question I receive on a regular basis. I point this out now because we often forget how powerful our minds are and how anxiety and negative thinking inhibit our true wishes and desires.

The question is… ‘Why is my willpower so bad?’ My answer is that there is NO such thing as willpower. It’s a made up word that was created before we understood how the mind operates.

Put simply, if your conscious mind wants to reduce anxiety, drink less or eat intuitively it can demand it as much as it wants but these desires are only at the surface. In order for you to create that wish or desire to become a reality, the unconscious mind (some people call it the subconscious) needs to understand this and feel familiar with this desire before it can become a habit. If your conscious mind wants one thing whilst your unconscious mind wants another, the unconscious mind will always win the argument. One of my favourite scientists Dr Bruce Lipton explains this beautifully in this 6 minute video, please feel free to watch below.


Back when I qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist, this profession was thought of as being a bit of a an act, performed on stage! I often say ‘If I had a dollar for every time someone waved a watch in my face’… But now what I am so excited about is there is a real science behind it and this science is within your reach within minutes! Communicating directly with your unconscious mind where your emotional habits are stored is the perfect quick solution to creating new healthier emotional habits.

To add to this amazing technique of hypnosis I also am trained in a powerful Jungian psychology which deepens the results whilst in the hypnotic state. I call it Inner Dialogue. How we talk to ourselves can often be seriously detrimental to our emotional wellbeing. Throughout all of my programs the combination of these two techniques help support both parts of the mind to create a greater emotional wellbeing both inside and out!

So, as Bruce summarises in his video that I mentioned above, the combination of hypnosis and repetition of certain emotions creates a habit!

Here’s an update about a few things I have been up to since my last Hypno News.

Payment Plans now available!

I am aware that sometimes price gets in the way of making some really good and important decisions about health and well-being. The truth is quality products that have been tried and tested cost more, so if price is holding you back… you can now pay over 3 months and get started today on my three most popular programs.

7 Days To Drink Less – 3 Month Payment Plan

The Weight Less Mind – 3 Month Payment Plan

Emotional Resilience Training – 3 Month Payment Plan


Thank you to everyone that joined me from the US, UK and Australia for my webinars. It was truly a fantastic experience. I’ve finished my current round of webinar sessions but I’ve got good news if you missed them. I recorded my last two webinars for The Drink Less Mind and The Weight Less Mind. You can register and watch the replay’s for free below.

I am over being told I have to ‘quit’ are you?

But you see I just don’t get it!

What is wrong with moderation?

Why can’t we control ourselves enough to enjoy the occasional treat or glass of wine or two?

Well, I know you can… In fact I have been helping people take control of their ‘guilty pleasures’ for 24 years.

Join me for my free webinar where I will help you understand how you can choose to alleviate your fears about how much you drink and learn more about my online alcohol reduction program 7 Days to Drink Less.

Register for the Webinar Replay

I am over being told I have to ‘eat this or eat that’ to be happier and healthier are you?

We live in a social media fuelled world where every day we are told we have to ‘quit’ sugar, fat, carbs, alcohol – just about every guilty pleasure needs to go. It’s seriously boring and seriously depressing! I worked out I spent a crazy 15 years worrying about my weight which kept me in a perpetual spiral of anxiety and self doubt and a BIG part of me feels really sad about this.

I know how hard it is to imagine life feeling free from the chains of the ‘diet’ mentality. If you’ve ever felt this way too join me on my free Weight Less Mind Webinar where i’ll alleviate any concerns you may have about your relationship with food.

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New Sydney seminar date and venue

My next Drink Less Mind seminar will be in Sydney on the 20th July at the Crows Nest Conference Centre and I hope you can join me there.

Come and experience LIVE hypnosis and walk out feeling great, while naturally drinking less in just one day!

I have extended my early bird special until Monday 1st July, so come join me for a life changing experience.

Yes, book my early bird seat NOW for Sydney!

Single Ladies… back in February I re-launched my amazing program “Cracking the Love Code” and I have had so much wonderful feedback. I believe it truly is the fastest and easiest way to change your Love life from bad to amazing!

If you are tired of dating or looking for love in the wrong places Cracking the Love Code will help you:

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This program is simple, easy and fun, so you can enjoy your love journey!

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