Cracking the Love Code

The Creation of Cracking The Love Code

The programme was developed by Suzy Greaves, Editor of Psychologies Magazine, who has also been hailed by the Daily Mail as ‘the top ten guru to change your life around’ and Georgia Foster, an author and leading therapist, speaker and creator of the hugely successful ‘7 Days To Drink Less’ programme.

Together, they share many relationship experiences personally, so they get the ‘single’ side of life and know the on-going frustration of finding Mr Right.

Collectively, they have been in the self-help industry since 1995 learning pioneering techniques in human nature and how we think, feel and behave in ways that can hold us back when it comes to love.

More importantly, Suzy and Georgia’s backgrounds have elevated their individual trainings, results based approach and client outcomes to give you the best in changing your thinking about love and relationships.

The Concept in a Nut Shell…..

You can do all the dating you want, but if your conscious mind has a different agenda to your unconscious mind, you will not find what you are truly looking for. Oh, and we might add, you may not recognise Mr Right in front of you because of past relationship issues that hinder your love success.

The 21 Day programme will train your brain for love. You will use easy meditation tools and channel your thoughts in order to enter a state of deep hypnosis, allowing you to re-programme your thinking and learn how to attract a healthy relationship into your life.

What the 21 Day Programme will help you discover….

• What is not working in dating and find a new way that does work
• How to re-train your thinking
• What your unique love personality is
• How you can improve your love life
• How to let go
• How to change your childhood conditioning
• What is really important in love
• Where you can improve your love life and dating potential

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Cracking the Love Code

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