Inspiring Others To Drink Less

How To Inspire Others To Drink Less and Cut Down Drinking

I’ve just spent over an hour being interviewed for a story about my history of drinking along with my love life and fertility issues.

Some of you may know that I started drinking heavily when I was 19. At the time I was dating an older guy, he was 30. I learned very early on that drinking a lot alleviated my insecurities around his friends. They were all doctors and nurses and I at that stage of my life hadn’t figured out what I wanted to do professionally. I was working as a secretary, now known as a personal assistant and felt very unfulfilled because I had such high achievers around me.

When I look back now I realise how insecure I was and my low self esteem was so bad that I actually thought without alcohol I was boring, uninteresting and dumb.

It didn’t help that my best friend was a very successful model. Even Rod Stewart hounded her at a night club once and she was constantly bombarded with men trying to get her attention. I on the other hand, slightly plump, Greek looking with a Greek name called Georgia was too foreign looking. Not that I had anything against being Greek it was more the point that I wasn’t the Blonde Aussie girl which was all the rage.

So going on from there my boyfriend and I broke up, I had a string of very unhelpful relationships where I was criticised anywhere from being not blonde enough, slim enough or clever enough.

By the time I came to London at the age of 28 I was really excited about starting a new life here after studying Voice Dialogue Psychology in California.

I started working in an investment bank and then my drinking really did get out of control. Often one of my bosses would sign my time sheet and then take me out drinking all afternoon and I became known as the Aussie Drinker!

I ended up in some pretty compromising situations from waking up with one of the bankers who I had to face the next day to waking up with a half eaten Big Mac next to me, not remembering how I got home.

My drinking heavily continued into my 30’s with dire consequences emotionally and psychically. But I had my tipping point, and through my own work discovered a new way of thinking, a new way of reducing how I drank and what I thought about myself.

My life has really turned around since the heavy drinking days, I have a thriving business that genuinely changes lives, a loving partner and 3 beautiful children. I don’t say this stuff to brag, the reason I am happy to share my story is to offer hope to anyone who has faced similar trials, to inspire people to take back control of their lives. You can turn it around, you can change your thinking.

Can You Share Your Drink Less Mind Story?

I am often approached by journalists asking me if I have, ‘a client that is willing to talk about their story’. I feel uncomfortable but understand the need to do so in order to spread the word about the Drink Less Mind and to inspire other to drink less and to cut down drinking. The Drink Less Mind is a deeply personal experience and is 100% confidential but I do know that some people are happy to share their journey. If you are someone who can help, please do let me know. Journalists are particularly keen for people who are happy to be named, interviewed and photographed. You never know, your story could inspire someone to face their demons. Contact me via email or the contact form on this website and I will personally respond.

Speak soon

Georgia x

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