How much are you spending on Booze?

Have a Drinking Problem?

Women who cut down on their alcohol intake by two glasses of wine a week could save that money and pay for a holiday for two says Georgia Foster, an Alcohol Reduction Expert. The expert who helps people to cut down on their drinking with her 7 Days To Drink Less Program has said that not only will women be able to save money; they will feel healthier by reducing their alcohol intake.

With the stress of long working hours, economic problems, and busy day-to-day lives, a lot of women are drinking more than the recommended amount in the USA. That can lead to serious health problems and even financial problems.

One woman who has launched a program to help women to drink less and achieve better health is World Renowned Alcohol Reduction Expert Georgia Foster. The expert who is often seen in the media and works all over the world believes women should look at reducing their alcohol intake in a new light. She says ‘if women cut down on their drinking by two glasses of wine a week, they could afford a romantic holiday with their loved one after 52 weeks.’

The Alcohol Reduction Expert has said for many years now people have been told to cut down on their drinking for health reasons, and although it’s important to cut down for better health, many women are bored with being dictated to.

According to Georgia Foster, women need a real incentive to cut down on their drinking, and by showing women if they cut down by two drinks a week, they could afford a romantic break, which could be the incentive they need.

Georgia Foster, who is author and hypnotherapist expert, helps women all over the world reduce their alcohol intake with her 7 Days To Drink Less program. The program allows people who understand they drink too much but struggle to cut down, achieve their goals.

She said: “A lot of people who drink more than they should do so due the stress of modern life understand they should cut down for better health, but they need an incentive. By allowing them to work out the cost of two drinks a week, and how much they would save over 52 weeks, it would allow them to see they could pay for a romantic break with their loved one. As well as showing them they will save money, it’s also a way to encourage them to cut down on drinking for a healthier lifestyle.”

The proven 7 Days To Drink Less program has received worldwide media attention due to its success rate in helping men and women reduce their alcohol intake. By reducing the amount people drink, they will have better control over their lives while feeling healthier.

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