Dry January 2019

If you are feeling boozed up and bloated from the over-indulgence this festive period and want to treat yourself to an alcohol free month ‘I‘ve got your back covered!‘ with a powerful NEW one-off recording called Dry January AND there is an extra Bonus for you too!

If you want to have an alcohol free January, I am offering two BRAND NEW recordings which will help you get into the right mindset to have an alcohol free month and feel good about it.

  • The first is 25 minutes in length – listen to it and relax knowing your mind is learning to embrace alcohol free days with more fun. Use this powerful recording as your support.
  • The second is your 5 Minute Hypno Blast January Alcohol Free Day recording – gain even more confidence to have a sober January and enjoy it! This is a quick and brilliant emotional fix to get you in a better place when there is an urge to drink and you know you don’t want to.

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From my professional experience, some men and women find it is easy to get into the swing of ‘Not Drinking’, but there can be a stirring when February hits. Self-questioning such as Will I drink less after not drinking for the month?’… or ‘I am worried I will blow all my good alcohol free days by feeling guilty about drinking again which ironically makes me drink more!’ are common.

These recordings will alleviate any of those concerns and more, so you can get through Dry January and look forward to February with a great gusto of confidence to drink in a healthier way. Even better, this package will help you prepare for drinking again in February with calm and logic.