I know for many it can be a tricky time with family members, work commitments or completely the opposite, it can be a joyful and fun time, which is wonderful.

Either way, it is often a time where people panic about the commitments of eating and drinking more than normal, so if you are one of those people worried about over consumption and the guilt that comes with it then this recording is for you!

I am going to list what is on this recording because there are so many wonderful different aspects to it. So if you would like to purchase it to get yourself in the right mindset for all the goings on over the month of December.

  • Preparing your mind for being with people who you don’t normally deal with or necessarily get on with, whether colleagues and/or family members, so you can feel more socially confident
  • See each social invitation and experience as just another one in a month that can be unusually busy and demanding and see it as ‘just what it is!’
  • The month of December is going by really positively because you have the right mindset to deal with all the different commitments
  • Overeating and drinking is simply just part of this time of the year but you are not interested in over consuming like others might around you
  • Your mind is moving on from any unhelpful Decembers that hinders you from enjoying this one
  • The good days and nights are being highlighted to you and the challenging moments are becoming less of interest to you emotionally
  • You realise the month is going by quickly and you feel happy about what you realistically can achieve and what you can’t without trying to be perfect
  • You are not pleasing other people to the detriment of your own well-being and are becoming more aware when to please and when not to

I’ll be sending over some brilliant tools early next year to get you ready for 2019

Click Here to purchase the Enjoying December recording