Georgia Foster, The Alcohol Reduction Expert & Virginia Alexandra (ERT) Expert
Emotional Resilience Training & The Drink Less Mind Seminar
Liberate yourself from the Anxieties and Self-Doubt 
Drink Less without Willpower!
** You can attend both these life changing seminars for a discounted price, or book which one you suits you best! **
Marina del Rey Marriott Hotel

Emotional Resilience Training (ERT)

9:30pm - 1:00pm

The Drink Less Mind 

1:30pm - 5:00pm
The Marriott East Side

Emotional Resilience Training (ERT)

9:30am - 1pm

The Drink Less Mind

1:30pm - 5pm
Marina del Rey Marriott Hotel

Emotional Resilience Training (ERT)

9:30pm - 1:00pm

The Drink Less Mind 

1:30pm - 5:00pm
Emotional Resilience Training

Virginia Alexandra & Georgia Foster

Discover how to STOP negative thinking and START LIVING!
What You'll Discover
  • Powerful Neuroplasticity techniques that reduce your negative thinking and eliminate anxious feelings
  • Tools to reduce your stress and emotional responses 
  • Cutting edge breathing and mind techniques that stops negative thinking in its tracks!
  • New ways of breathing that within 3 minutes that will calm you down  
  • The fastest calm mind technique on the planet
  • How to get on with your life and look forward to the future
  • How to improve relationships with others and more importantly yourself!
  • How to improve the depth and quality of your sleep
Introducing a ground breaking seminar that will change your life in just 3 1/2 hours.

In just a few hours you will be able to stop negative thinking in its tracks and create a new emotional resilience that will last you a lifetime.

If you suffer with any of the following, then this morning is for you:
  • A fear of the future
  •  Feel anxious a lot 
  •  Avoid situations because you’re afraid of a panic attack (phobic avoidance)
  •  Irritated and stressed out by seemingly small and inconsequential things
  •  Regular bouts of insomnia due to your busy brain not allowing you to switch off
  •  Constantly erupting and feeling overwhelmed by your emotions 
  •  Judge yourself harshly / Self-loathing
  •  Emotional exhaustion 
Emotional Resilience Training will provide not just provide the tools to survive but to thrive!
We all know anxiety and emotional upheaval are uncomfortable experiences. However, you have the resources, mentally, psychically and spiritually to strengthen the resistance within you. 
Remember: Negative thinking and stress hinder self-esteem. It’s the major cause of weight gain or massive weight loss, high blood pressure and emotional unrest.
Sometimes life throws curve balls and this can cause anxiety levels to go through the roof. However, even once the situation that caused the anxiety is over, the mind and body can play serious negative games with you. 

It tricks you into thinking the situation may happen again and then it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

And this is not what we want for you and we know it is not what you want for yourself!

The FACT is... even if you think you don't have the power to change your life, WE KNOW YOU CAN and we are here to guide you do exactly that in just 3 1/2 hours!

We know anxious thoughts can hold you to an emotional ransom with yourself. It’s an awful feeling that no-one deserves to experience.
When anxiety does hit, it can scare you and you may think there is nothing you can do about it, rest assured YOU can!

These ingrained responses can result in extreme negative thinking, resulting in flight or fight responses and an inability to calm down and that just sucks!

You should not be suffering like this, but the question is how do you stop feeling this way?
The GOOD NEWS is there is a quick, no-nonsense approach that is here for you RIGHT NOW! 

This seminar is for everyone, regardless of age. Anyone given the right tools can live a happier, healthier life with amazing clarity and vision.

During this ground breaking seminar you’ll discover a progressive, scientifically proven approach to stop negative thinking in its tracks, allowing you to overcome anxiety and emotional unrest, irrespective of your past.
If you would like to grasp this opportunity to genuinely feel more capable and embrace a sense of emotional security, then come join us.

Included are AMAZING take away tools from the day which includes breath videos and an emotional resilience recording valued at $100.
The Drink Less Mind Seminar

Georgia Foster

World Renowned Hypnotherapist
Creator of The Drink Less Mind
Pioneer of 7 Days to Drink Less

What You're Going To Learn
  • The power of mind and how it can hold you back from reducing your drinking. 
  • Learn what the neuro-scientists call ‘neuroplasticity’ and how it can help you drink less
  • The Amazing Inner Dialogue psychology
  • Learn what ‘Drinking’ Personalities hold you back from drinking in healthier ways and meet the one that can! 
  • The Future technique to train your mind how to continue to drink in a paced way
  • Top Liver cleansing tips. 
  • Four LIVE group hypnosis sessions with me in person.
  • What you save is $1000's in private therapy sessions
It's a life changing seminar that has been running for over 12 years in London, Glasgow and Dublin. Now, I am delighted to invite YOU to my seminar to help you learn what people in the UK and Europe know. It's your thinking not your drinking that is the problem!

AND the most amazing thing is by 5pm when you leave - yes the same day we meet, you will have all the tools to drink less that evening! Sound too good to be true?
Trust me, I have been working with people from all walks of life learn to drink less in just one day.

I can assure you with complete confidence that the day will be not just enlightening and liberating but open your mind and life to how to drink less without the stress and pain of willpower.

Many people who find my site are searching for ‘How Do I Stop Drinking?’ or ‘How to give up alcohol.’

They feel they need help to stop drinking completely.

My suggestion is try the seminar first. You may feel you need to stop because you don’t trust yourself because of your history of drinking.

However, I can assure you that you have incredible resources and these resources I can show you are there within you. This is why my special approach sells all over the world. Because it's the middle ground of drinking, where you learn to drink less in a confident way.

You may worry that you can't be that person but 10,000's of people around the world have thought this way too.

I know you have the tools even if you don't believe it at this point in time.
What Others Say About the Drink Less Mind Seminar
"The Drink Less Mind seminar enabled me to reflect on the reasons for my long-term and often enjoyable relationship with drink.

Georgia Foster's methods are wholly achievable and positive, without moralising or judging. 

Through suggestion and hypnosis she empowers leaving a sense of perspective, positivity and an ability to still enjoy a drink but with a more measured eye."
"This week I have managed 4 Alcohol Free Days. 

I find it easier to say no to a drink. I am sleeping much better, am much calmer and feel more in control. 

I am a pleaser who becomes assertive when I drink and I don't much like that assertive, argumentative self. 

I no longer wake at night berating myself for drinking too much."
"If you think that your habit of consuming alcohol is causing you trouble, let Georgia underpin the real reason - the way you relate to yourself and the world - your learned coping mechanisms. 

These can all be transformed by Georgia's hypnotherapy sessions and restoring your belief in yourself but most of all getting to know the real you and what you need to be the best you, you know."
Why not take advantage of meeting me in person. I created this life changing approach to alcohol reduction because I knew my clients didn’t want to quit. They were tired of drinking too much but just didn’t know how to reduce.

Discover in one powerful afternoon a life changing day how to drink less. Walk out by 5pm drinking less alcohol the same day!

Included is The Drink Less Mind on-line seminar valued at $149.97!
Virginia Alexandra is a progressive and sort after teacher of stress reduction and happiness enhancement. 

She is an opera singer, emotional endurance trainer and breath expert. She has clients from all walks of life who desire to be more authentic, powerful and resourceful. She has taught in England, Australia and India and is now coming to the US!
Georgia Foster is a world leading Hypnotherapist and for over 22 years has practiced in both the UK and Australia. 

Her approach has been regularly featured in the media such as Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail, The Morning Show as well as a regular guest on Sky News and now these highly successful programs are available in the USA.
I understand you might not be quite ready to say ‘YES’ to attending the seminar, so if you want to leave your details without commitment, I can make sure you have a spot just in case you decide to meet me
Emotional Resilience Training & The Drink Less Mind Seminar
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