The Drink Less Mind Sydney Seminar
Saturday 11th March 2017
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"Free Alcohol Reduction Talk"
Tuesday 2nd May 2017 at 7:30pm

Georgia Foster is a well known Alcohol Reduction Expert as featured on Sky News, The Morning Show with Larry and Kylie, Psychologies Magazine, 3AW and more!

 "Come and meet me in person so I can share with you some insightful truths about how to drink less that the doctors don’t tell you with unique and highly successful results. So if you are worried about how much you drink but just can’t seem to cut back, sign up now for my free talk."

Tuesday 2nd May, 7.30pm - 8.30pm
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Trust You Can Drink Learn to Drink Less
The Journey
I've been in the business of helping people drink less for over 20 years. I know why people drink more than they want to and it is nothing to do with willpower. I've been featured in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Psychologies Magazine, Good Housekeeping as well as being one of Sky News Experts. The reason why people want to write about my special work, is because IT WORKS! 
The Science
I've worked with some amazing neuro-scientists and the good news is, my special training is backed up by their theories. You may be frustrated with your inability to drink in a healthier way, but I can assure you that you have all the resources within you. The Drink Less Mind is about changing your emotional and habitual relationship with alcohol. Come and learn what the neuro-scientists know works.
The Benefits
People report after learning about the Drink Less Mind that they are coping better, feeling better, more confident socially and emotionally. They feel they don't need that sneaky drink anymore and don't need that last extra glass at the end of the evening. A bonus is clearer mind and healthier attitude towards life and alcohol.
Take Action! You Won't Regret It!