What do you do when time is not on your side but you still need a little boost to feel better about you right here, right now?

The answer lies within my Hypno Blasts.

All of the power but wrapped up in a 5 minute package, so when time is tight you can get your head in the right space…fast!

These recordings are dynamic and powerful, you can decide which one is right for you or you can take me up on my special offer bundle, $30 for all 5 power house recordings, saving you $30.

5 Minute Self Esteem Boost

Start your day with this recording. It will help you improve your state of mind, release negative thoughts and allow you to trust in your present and future more. Buy Now for $12 USD.

5 Minute Anxiety Reduction

Stop negative thinking and fears in its tracks. Listen to this recording before that big speech you have to make, or before making that big decision you have been worried about. It is brilliant for just bringing a touch of calm, so you can feel more logical and trusting about your life. Buy Now for $12 USD.

5 Minute Home Drinking Confidence

This is a fantastic recording to get your mind in the right space at home before your first glass. It will get you into an emotionally confident space, so you don’t need to gulp that first drink so quickly, allowing you time to savour and enjoy drinking at home. Buy Now for $12 USD.

5 Minute Social Drinking Confidence

If you are socially shy and you use alcohol as a way to feel better, put this recording on before your event, so you can be in a calmer and happier sober space. Simply listen to this recording instead of reaching for that drink to calm your nerves. Buy Now for $12 USD.

5 Minute Alcohol Free Day Boost

This recording is brilliant to boost your willpower on your AFD (Alcohol Free Day) listen to it whenever you have that urge to drink on your AFD. It will not only lift your spirits but will help you enjoy a sober sleep too! Buy Now for $12 USD.

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