Alcohol Dependency

One of the most popular questions people ask themselves regarding alcohol is, am I alcohol dependent?


In the UK one in ten men and one in 20 women are dependent on alcohol. In America, according to official reports one in 12 adults are dependent on alcohol and in Australia, 13% of the adult population drink too much. Being dependent on alcohol means you feel you cannot function properly without a drink, and alcohol becomes an important part of your life.


There are different types of Alcohol dependency


When people think about being dependent on alcohol a lot of those people think it means being drunk all the time, but that is not the case. You don’t have to drink bottles and bottles of wine each day to be alcohol dependent, anyone who drinks and feels the need to drink on a regular basis can become dependent on alcohol.


Why do people become dependent on alcohol?


There are many reasons why a person may become dependent on alcohol, which can include dealing with stressful events such as losing a loved one. Other reasons why people drink too much alcohol is down to relationship problems, stress, work problems, losing a job and debt problems.


Signs and symptoms that could mean you are dependent on alcohol


If you are worried that you are dependent on alcohol or worried that a loved one is addicted to alcohol, then here are some signs and symptoms to look out for.




  • You have a drink a soon as you get home from work
  • In the morning you have a drink, which could be a glass of wine
  • You worry where your next alcoholic drink is coming from
  • As soon as you wake up, you feel you need to have an alcohol drink
  • You feel anxious when not drinking alcohol
  • You suffer from sweating, shaking and nausea when you do not have a drink


I can help you with your alcohol dependency

If you are worried that you are dependent on alcohol, then I can help you. I offer a seven-day drink less program that can help you to overcome your alcohol dependency.


My program, which is free to try can help you reduce the amount of alcohol you drink.


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