Should I stop drinking or learn how to control my drinking?


This is a question I have been asked by the clients I have helped with alcohol issues every day of my life for over twenty two years.

The men and women who buy my on-line program ‘7 Days To Drink Less’ do so because they secretly hope they can learn to drink less. Often this hope is accompanied by a niggling thought that they should stop drinking all together.

Those who face the dilemma of how to drink less alcohol may also question whether reducing alcohol consumption is possible and the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’

The secret is you have to learn to change your thinking before you drink. You may ask how this is possible when you have tried to control your drinking in the past without success.

If you have tried to consciously to stop drinking or reduce your alcohol consumption with limited success, it simply means the emotional part of your unconscious mind doesn’t understand what you want to achieve.

The unconscious mind is where all your emotional habits are stored and one of its most important goals is to protect you against feeling vulnerable. Here are a few of the varying reasons why you may be using alcohol to cope with life. Are you using alcohol as a tool to feel better about your self or to de-stress and relax? Or are you drinking to entertain yourself when you are bored or do you use it to help you sleep? If you can relate to any of these reasons then they may be part of your drinking pattern and if so then your unconscious mind will continue to respond this way.

If your conscious mind and your unconscious mind have differing opinions about how to deal with life, then the unconscious mind will always win the argument. Hence when people say they don’t have any willpower to drink less then the good news is it has nothing to do with willpower. However, it has everything to do with the unhelpful alcohol coping strategies you have unconsciously developed which have become habitual. If you are pent up and angry then drinking alcohol may become your unconscious way of dealing with or dampening down these emotions. Or you may feel anxious about a social occasion and need a sneaky drink to bolster your confidence.

This is where the health benefits of hypnosis step in as it assists you in your desire to stop drinking or to reduce alcohol consumption. Hypnosis is a beneficial tool, which can help you succeed with your goal to drink less.

Some people may feel hesitant about experiencing hypnosis but I can assure you it is one of the most successful and easiest ways to make emotional changes. The most successful sports people in the world use hypnosis because it is a quick and comfortable way to improve their thinking strategies.

Some of my clients express concern about whether they are alcoholics or are worried about their binge drinking. These men and women are often anxious people. Anxiety is a fundamental aspect of why so many people find it hard to cut back on their drinking. They want to reduce their drinking but are fearful they won’t be able to stop drinking once they have that first glass. This fear can lead from drinking the first glass or two, to three or more. Then they fret that their internal button to stop drinking isn’t there. So even before they have their first drink they are feeling scared and worried they will drink too much. This then causes the vicious cycle of being scared to drink and then drinking to run away from this terrible fear. This drinking anxiety is a battle between the conscious and the unconscious mind, which can be extremely emotionally painful.

‘The 7 Days To Drink Less’ is beneficial in assisting in the reduction of alcohol consumption because it helps you understand how your unconscious mind often plays with your conscious mind. And the best part is all you need to do is relax and enjoy the journey to a healthier and happier you.

Hypnosis calms both your mind and body, and allows your conscious mind to drift then as this happens your unconscious mind becomes more open to changing its learnt behavioral patterns and emotional responses.

‘The 7 Days to Drink Less’ is made up of 10 powerful hypnotic recordings in combination with life changing psychology technique called Inner Dialogue. These amazing techniques can help you to drink less by alleviating your fears, whether it is the need to stop drinking or simply to cut back on your alcohol consumption.

The first day is free. So sign up now and you’ll be on your way to drinking less and discovering a healthier, happier, confident and positive you.

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