Motivation – Winter or Summer

Have a look at the week ahead and slice it up into days/nights so you can see for yourself what windows of time you have to decide on an alcohol free day.

We’ve had a couple of very snowy days here in London. People are not venturing out and I don’t blame them. It seems from emails I am receiving from clients in the UK that while winter is so clearly here that staying at home or sitting by the fire of a beautiful old pub is very attractive!

For those clients who are in the warmer regions of the world, the summer is proving hot and that there is nothing better than a cold glass of sauvignon blanc or a beer to consume at the end of the day. It seems it is too hot to be motivated to do anything. Speaking of motivation: A very good friend of mine called me this morning in a bit of a flap because she had ordered the latest boot camp in a bottle meal replacement program that is apparently all the rage this year and it hadn’t arrived after a week.

This friend of mine is desperate to lose weight since her Christmas and New Year binge of food and alcohol.

My friend is a very organised and savvy person who knows her retail rights. She gave them a bit of grief when they told her that the product due to huge demand wouldn’t be available for another 3 weeks! She was horrified as she felt that they had mislead her obviously along with others and that her hopes to be well on her way to being slimmer and happier with herself by now wasn’t going to happen.

I told her I completely agreed with her but as we went further into the conversation I realised that my friend had put all her hopes into this miracle weight loss program and was at a loss at what to do next.

She said that she is now so angry all she wants to do is go to the pub and sit by the fire and get drunk. This is the problem with Perfectionists and Anger. If one thing doesn’t go to plan then the binge mentality can kick in so easily and the best made plans just go out the window.

How is it that our mind stirs such feelings of not being in control when in actual fact just like in my friends situation it is way beyond her control. This is when the ‘Let down button’ get pressed and the mind starts to play negative games and takes things way to personally. Inner conversations such as ‘Why did that happen to me?’ or ‘What is the point, nothing ever goes my way,’ or ‘I’ve blown my chance now to be healthier so I may as well be a glutton until the product arrives.’

So if you are finding yourself in this situation or a similar one ask yourself a few questions:

·       Why does it have to be perfect before I get on with my life?

·       Why do I want to hurt myself more by binge eating and drinking because one thing hasn’t gone my way?

·       Who said I had do it perfectly before I can get it right?

The problem with waiting for a perfect moment to arise to start your healthy regime will ultimately cause you more stress because perfect moments just don’t come by that often.

So have a look at the week ahead and slice it up into days/nights so you can see for yourself what windows of time you have to decide on an alcohol free day or go for that swim or make that tasty vegetable soup?

Realise that these strong small steps are all your mind needs to learn that you are becoming healthier and happier with you. Don’t suffocate with procrastination it will only make you feel less in control.

Some days it just isn’t going to work because that is life but that is the point, this is your life and being Perfect just doesn’t cut with me but rather can cause more self abuse and unhappiness.

My Recommendation:

Write down in a diary or on your computer – in fact anywhere a plan to do one thing differently this week that will inspire you. Something that represents a strong small step towards looking after yourself.

Have a good rest of January.

Warm regards,


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