I stopped drinking alcohol! Find out why did I stopped drinking alcohol.

I stopped drinking alcohol
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The reason why I decided to stop drinking alcohol was to figure out why I needed to drink the first place!

I asked myself… ‘Is drinking a habit?’ Or ‘Am I addicted to alcohol?’

Many of my heavy drinking friends asked me why I stopped drinking because I knew they missed their booze buddy!

I was in slight denial that I was a massive drinker, and I knew that the question ‘Why I stopped drinking alcohol’ would come up frequently, so I needed to know the truth myself.

Of course, being someone who liked to drink… I have some funny stories to tell but equally some embarrassing ones too, such as waking at the end of train line and missing the last train back. The taxi fare was excruciatingly painful for me!

Then there was the time I overslept and missed an important meeting which had to be rescheduled. When I arrived in the office, the look on my boss’s face said it all. On a number of occasions, he had commented about my breath in the mornings that didn’t seem as fresh as it could be.

I was curious about my ability to stop drinking as well, and also if I am going to be honest I was tired of the pattern of drinking too much, so earlier this year I stopped drinking.

One of the first things I noticed was my social life changed as many of my mates didn’t invite me out as much, which kind’ve upset me but I knew my sober self had to find other sober people to hang out with.

There were more non-drinking friends than I realised and those who were happy to hang out with me sober because they weren’t big drinkers themselves.

The one thing I noticed more than anything else was my quality of sleep! It was amazing! I also loved the fact that I didn’t wake with the hangover anxiety or the dog breath too!

So one day I decided to test myself and see if the odd drink would be okay or not but I got really anxious and decided it was just easier to stay sober.

Then I asked a friend of mine who I noticed wasn’t drinking as much as I remember what he had been doing to help make this change.

He said he had read an article in the Daily Mail about an on-line alcohol reduction program called ‘7 Days To Drink Less’.

The creator of the program Georgia Foster says ‘It’s the thinking before the drinking that is the problem!’

So, I decided to buy the program ready for the first experience of drinking alcohol. I wanted to make sure I had the tools to dabble in beer drinking or my favourite merlot!

The one thing I noticed is the reason why I stopped drinking alcohol was because I had a strong Inner Critic. What I didn’t realise is alcohol shuts down this negative part of our thinking.

I recognise this negative thinking had held me back! I started to see my sober self-esteem improve with the help of the program recordings!

This meant I didn’t need to drink alcohol to feel better, happier or more confident in myself.

I noticed that since going back to the odd drink now and again, I just don’t need to drink as much when I do drink. My capacity to drink less is easy and comfortable, whereas before I would finish the whole bottle and maybe a sneaky one after that too!

The one aspect of The 7 Days To Drink Less program is that it is private and you can do the program in your own time.

Georgia, the program creator, says many people actually decide to quit alcohol altogether after realising that they don’t need to drink to run away from their life!

If you are thinking about quitting the booze or want to drink less but don’t seem to be able to do it on your own, I highly recommend you look Georgia up. Her approach will give you great insight as to whether quitting or reducing is right for you.

Anonymous occasional drinker and avid fan of 7 Days To Drink Less!

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