*** The Calm, Confident You is now Closed. Please refer to the 3 Minute Anxiety Fix ***

The Calm Confident You is a powerful online program that helps you to move out of habitual anxiety states that hold you back from feeling safe in your everyday life.

The Calm Confident You program is an incredible, proven and unique approach that focuses on the mind and body to alleviate anxiety, panic and negative thinking.

The good news is, that The Calm Confident You approach is a quick and effective way of reducing anxiety, irrespective of what sort of anxiety condition you have.

Start managing your anxiety problems today. It’s easy for people who don’t suffer from this debilitating condition to expect you to ‘just get on with it’ but please trust me that anxiety is an unhelpful thinking and feeling habit that may feel difficult to change, but it is absolutely possible to do so.

Why Choose The Calm Confident You program?

  • With less than half an hour a day, you can change your life and manage your anxiety problems
  • Learn the powerful Inner Dialogue Psychology theory that has changed 10,000’s of Georgia’s clients’ lives all over the world
  • This program is online and also fully downloadable if you choose
  • No need for expensive one to one therapy, saving you hundreds!
  • Start living more right now with these proven techniques
  • Includes my best selling ebook The Stress Less Mind
  • 6 powerful Kundalini Yoga movements proven to ease anxiety
  • Risk free with our 60 days 100% money back guarantee to you

**** In private therapy this whole program would cost US$1200.00 plus more!

I get it because I suffered from anxiety problems!

Unless you have experienced anxiety yourself it is very difficult to comprehend the emotional and physical pain that is endured. I myself, although I have been treating anxiety conditions for over 18 years, did not understand the severity of panic attacks until I had them myself!

It may sound bizarre but I believe my panic attacks were a gift. Why? Because without them I couldn’t create this program, with a deep true trust in its results. I have walked my talk with this program and so have my clients for many years. This is a proven program!

I feel I have been driven by an incredible intuitive desire to create a program that can help people from all over the world to move on from anxiety. The great news is that this program is downloadable, so you don’t have to leave your home. With The Calm Confident You program there are no therapist fees, no waiting room times, or travel times that you know cause you more anxiety.

A One-Stop Shop For Anxiety Sufferers

The Calm Confident You program is one stop shopping for anxiety. The tried and tested techniques are science based and have proven to work for all sorts of anxiety conditions.

So please trust that you have resources to change your thoughts and feelings irrespective of your history of anxiety.

The Calm Confident You is the first of its kind that supports, mind, body, science and spirit.

The Calm Confident You program is made up of 4 life changing components:

  1. There are three powerful talks by me to explain how your mind has the ability to change from anxiety to calm, no matter how bad you feel at the moment.
  2. The Georgia Foster self hypnosis anxiety reduction recordings.
  3. Exclusive Anxiety Yoga & Meditation videos. Let the amazing Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Ghinni Foster, show you how to use your body to relax and reduce anxiety.
  4. The incredible, acclaimed The Stress Mind ebook. This includes the amazing psychology theory called Inner Dialogue.

In private therapy this would cost US$1200.00 plus more!

No longer worry about anxiety. Start The Calm Confident You program today.:

Hours of truly life changing material.

Reminder, how much content and support you will receive when you buy!

  1. Three life changing talks about how you can reduce anxiety now.
  2. The full Stress Less Mind ebook including MP3 recording.
  3. Two powerful self hypnosis recordings.
  4. The complete Inner Dialogue theory.
  5. 6 incredible Anxiety Reduction Yoga videos.
  6. A healthier and happier you that manages your anxiety like never before.
  7. Save money with no expensive therapy.
  8. A fully private, safe and supportive service.
  9. Risk free purchase, with our 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  10. We accept all major credit and debit cards on our secure payment gateway.